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We are supporting the national expansion of an innovative program to increase access to contraception in Senegal. Our progress to date:

Regions Covered

Regions covered across the country

Facilities Strengthened

Health facilities strengthened to provide quality care

Stock Out Rate

Stock out rate in facilities covered (from over 80%)

Reliable access to contraception

Women with reliable access to modern contraception

Maternal Mortality Ratio

While Senegal's maternal mortality ratio has declined substantially since 1990, the likelihood that a woman will die in pregnancy or childbirth is still 1 in 60.

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Senegal's Minister of Health and Social Action Awa Marie Coll Seck explains how her country was able to improve access to contraceptives for millions of women – with MSD for Mothers' help – in this inspiring video produced by our partner IntraHealth International. "We had a dynamic private sector that could really move the project forward," Coll Seck says.

Our Focus in Senegal

Family planning is one of the most cost-effective ways to address maternal mortality—potentially averting a third of maternal deaths by reducing the number of pregnancies and helping women safely space their pregnancies.

We are scaling up an innovative supply chain model to minimize stock-outs of contraceptives in public health facilities so women throughout Senegal have better access to a full range of family planning products. This program supports the government's overall goal of increasing the contraceptive prevalence rate from 12% to 27% by 2015.

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In Senegal, the Informed Push Model has helped to provide 3.2 million women reliable access to the modern contraceptive method of their choice. The Informed Push Model employs third-party logistics providers to deliver commodities directly to health facilities. This innovative supply chain model has reduced bottlenecks by increasing availability of contraceptives on the shelves of health facilities, where women can access them.

Our Partners and Projects

We are working in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to expand a new model to strengthen the supply chain for contraceptives. Our program uses an incentives-based approach to help ensure that contraceptive supplies are consistently and readily available at health facilities across the country.
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Our Work in Action